Ō The Project

The interjection Ō! in Latin expressed a wide range of emotions: joy, pain, desire, admiration, amazement. An invocation, an exclamation!
Ō is a cell, a monad, but it is also a circle, a set, a ring, a loop. It is oxygen, the water that flowed in the Baths of Diocletian, it is a bubble. Ō is the union of opposites, two people embracing, it is the disc of the sun and the moon, the celestial vault, the sign of the sacred, the cyclical path of the gods, the trace of eternal time, ritual and myth. Ō evokes the seasons, gives a rhythm to the harmony of the planets.
Eye, mouth. A note, a dance. The center of the city. A simple and complex, complete, primordial form.
Ō has the ambition to repopulate the Baths of Diocletian, to give life to the presence of women and men who come together in order to do good. As they once were, the Baths will be a place of gathering, prosperity, open to all. Instead of water, music will flow; instead of steam, bodies will invade the spaces.
The programming also reflects the articulation of the rooms of the Baths: the public ideally moves through the tepidarium, the calidarium and the frigidarium, with a series of comforting, enveloping, disquieting offerings.
All the international artists who for a whole month engage in dialogue with the ancient spaces of the Baths, present either new works or projects totally redesigned for this extraordinary context. The public has the opportunity to discover a new place every day, in a wandering that leads them from the impressive halls of the Baths to the sumptuous, metaphysical, Renaissance cloisters, passing through the striking Planetarium.
To ensure that Ō offers all the emotions promised by this polysemic interjection, a multitude of musical genres is present: from techno to electronic, through Afro, continuing with Indie Pop, neofolk, Dabka, dance, classical music, Dub … The same goes for dance, which ranges from contemporary to acrobatic and futuristic hip-hop.
Four watchwords for the whole month, from September 14 through October 14, as an invitation: experimenting, opening, interacting and knowing each other.
Starting from October 21, and until December, this momentum takes the form of weekly Sunday encounters. At these events, the public is invited to enter the universes of creation. We witness the direct creation of a fashion cover, we observe the objects and materials that influence an archistar, we explore the whole creative process of a design studio, from drawing to craftsmanship, immersing ourselves in olfactory and visual installations .
Artists and the public are invited to express their concept of well-being. Their ideas, words, images will be disseminated and projected onto the walls of the Baths, because Ō is an artistic project of sharing. Ō comes to life when the letter becomes a word, the cell a fabric, the point an infinite whole.

Cristiano Leone
Artistic director