Monday 24 September h 19:00, Baths of Diocletian



Moving from the pounding dance floor and venturing into the consciousness comes Octave One’s Never On Sunday. First debuting in 1991 on Carl Craig’s Retroactive label, this Burden Brothers electronic creation’s mission was not to move the body, like their infamous Octave One project, but was to move the mind. With their first single titled “The Journey”, Never On Sunday began it’s journey that soon included 1992’s “Day by Day” EP that featured the tracks “Jackie’s Theme”, “Urban Rains”, “Carnal Pleasures”, “In The Breeze (featuring Lisa Newberry)”, and the much beloved “Seduced By Madness”. Laying dormant since it’s 90’s debut, Never On Sunday will return with a new full length release in 2019 and will make it’s worldwide live debut with a very special performance this September in Rome.


Free entrance until full capacity